Playing vs Playing to Win

“What the f**k are you doing?” is what I heard on the other end of the phone as I sat in my car 15 minutes before my fifth panel interview for a principal role. The caller, a mentor who has been the CEO of several urban school districts, had gotten wind of my lackluster performance….


“She’s an upstanding citizen! She’s the assistant principal of our school!” That’s what she said before I was cuffed and placed inside of a Metropolitan Police car headed to the 3rd District police station. My charge: two-days expired license plates. How the fuck did I get here? Yes, l let a few “You motherfu**kers!” go…

A Moment of Grace

For many of us, in this new space and time, our responsibilities have remained the same or increased significantly. It matters not if you are single, a caregiver, a spouse, or an employee, we are expected to show up as active participants in this alternate universe we were teleported to less than a month ago….

Cherish the Day

“What if I want to go to Africa?” That was my response to the surprise wedding proposal and the “cold feet” I was experiencing. It was 1998 and I wouldn’t put my feet on African soil until 2018. All I knew, was that I felt my freedom slipping away with every mention of the wedding….

Messages and Mantras

“I am my most important thing.” A number of not-so-pleasant experiences led me to truly believe and live this truth. As I navigated my life after separation, I would find myself repeating those words, under my breath, to get through the moment. Murmuring this mantra was contrary to the messages that were a part of…