“She’s an upstanding citizen! She’s the assistant principal of our school!” That’s what she said before I was cuffed and placed inside of a Metropolitan Police car headed to the 3rd District police station. My charge: two-days expired license plates. How the fuck did I get here? Yes, l let a few “You motherfu**kers!” go…

A Moment of Grace

For many of us, in this new space and time, our responsibilities have remained the same or increased significantly. It matters not if you are single, a caregiver, a spouse, or an employee, we are expected to show up as active participants in this alternate universe we were teleported to less than a month ago….

Cherish the Day

“What if I want to go to Africa?” That was my response to the surprise wedding proposal and the “cold feet” I was experiencing. It was 1998 and I wouldn’t put my feet on African soil until 2018. All I knew, was that I felt my freedom slipping away with every mention of the wedding….

Messages and Mantras

“I am my most important thing.” A number of not-so-pleasant experiences led me to truly believe and live this truth. As I navigated my life after separation, I would find myself repeating those words, under my breath, to get through the moment. Murmuring this mantra was contrary to the messages that were a part of…

My Bag

I had left my husband, but I wasn’t gone. I was being held hostage by the choices before me -take cover in an unhappy marriage or become a single mother again. I wasn’t brave enough to choose the thing that would set me free. Where I’m from, one of the worse things you could be…